Kasba Ait Ouzza, in Boumalne.
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To visit Kasbahs transformed into museums, to stay in a Kasbah, books about Kasbahs, possibilities of buying a Kasbah...

Map of the route of the thousand Kasbahs, southern Morocco.

The route of the thousand Kasbahs is currently one of the main attractions of Morocco. It's integrated, indeed, by more than a thousand of these monuments. However, most travelers roaming the area only get to see half a dozen of them, the most famous, those that are in all the brochures.

The purpose of this website is to inform visitors wishing to delve into the subject of traditional earthen architecture the immense possibilities offered by southern Morocco.

Its author, Roger Mimó, is convinced that the promotion of the sustainable tourism in presaharic valleys is the best way to safeguard the Ksour and Kasbahs, which are now endangered because of neglect by the inhabitants of origin.

Our proposal includes a basic route by asphalt (in red on the map) and some possible variants or excursions by tracks (in green). We take Marrakech as starting point because it's the main airport in the region, but you can also fly to Ouarzazate or you can travel overland from Europe.

We divided the course in 8 steps, which not necessarily should occupy an entire day each one:

1. From Marrakech to Ouarzazate and Skoura
2. From Skoura to the Dadès valley
3. From Dadès to the Todra valley
4. From Todra to Tinejdad
5. From Tinejdad to Erfoud and Rissani
6. From Rissani to Mhamid
7. From Mhamid to Agdz
8. From Agdz to Marrakech by Tasla and Taznakht

Have a good trip and, please,


When a tourist gives a dirham, a gum or a pen to a child, he can not imagine the damage he does him:

  • This child will get used to ask money to foreign people.

  • To him, you won't be more than a walking wallet.

  • Wishing to get more and more gifts, probably he will leave the school and he won't have other future than to become a hunting-tourists.

Responsible tourism: don't push children to begging.

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