Tinghir and Todra valley.

Tinghir (also called Tineghir or Tinerhir) is a charming town known for its magnificent palm-grove and its famous Todra Gorge. The city, populated by 40,000 inhabitants (including surrounding villages) is built in tiers around a promontory dominated by the ruins of an ancient residence of El Glaoui.


The palm-grove, 30 kilometers long and full of small Ksour and Kasbahs, extends at both sides of the town. Walks, biking, donkey, camel or off-road circuits are offered for tourists, who discover a community organization, in terms of work in the fields and water distribution.

How to arrive to Tinerhir.

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City map Between Tinghir and Todra Gorge Image gallery of Tinghir
Tinghir gardens map At the east from Tinghir Image gallery of Todra valley
Visiting Tineghir: the Ksar Agoudim.

Visiting Tinghir or Tineghir

In the town of Tinghir you can visit the souks, the old Ksar and several old Kasbahs. All around, the green orchards and the mosque Ikelane are places not to miss. A little further on, the gorges, the vast palm grove, pottery of El Hart n’Iaamine and many ksour justify a day of stay. And further, in Ksar El Khorbat, the Oasis Museum is the ideal place to understand...

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History of Tinghir or Tineghir.

History of Tinghir or Tineghir

From the kingdom of Todra that preceded Sijilmassa in the 8th century until the recent creation of the Province of Tineghir or Tinghir, a long and eventful history reminds us of the importance of this town at the foot of the High Atlas and at the crossroads of ancient caravan routes...

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Architecture in Todra valley.

Architecture in Todra valley

The traditional architecture of the Todra valley was all of unbaked clay and based on the principle of fortification. The main architectural features were the Kasbah and the Ksar, but there were also shrines and isolated watchtowers. Building systems were the pisé and the adobe. Today, new buildings are built with concrete and follow...

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Todra Gorge: a paradise for climbers.

Todra Gorge: a paradise for climbers

With the opening of the classic way of the West Pillar in 1977 by a group of French climbers began developing this sport in the Todra Gorge. Four decades later, the number of routes exceeds three hundred fifty and activity...

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The palm-grove of Todra.

The Todra palm-grove

From Todra Gorges to Tinghir and still twenty kilometers further east, the Oued Todra winds between hills and desert plains and watered with water from the High Atlas a narrow valley that converts into a heavenly orchard, full of palm trees...

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The Ksar Tinghir or Jewish Quarter.

The Ksar Tinghir or "Jewish Quarter"

Due to its location between the plains and mountains, its size (300 homes) and its craft and shopping activity, the Ksar Tinghir was for centuries the most important of Todra valley. It was the only one with 6 doors and included a Jewish neighborhood of 70 families with which people confuse at times...

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The weekly market of Tinghir.

The weekly market of Tinghir

The weekly market of Tinghir is one of the largest in southern Morocco by its movement and variety of products they offer. It retains a traditional look pretty, with a large number of activities specific of the area and practiced for centuries, as the sale of grain, dates, olives and local crafts, and also of livestock...

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The mosque and madrasah Ikelane, Tineghir.

The mosque and madrasah Ikelane near Tineghir

2 km far from Tinghir, the mosque and madrasah Ikelane is one of must interesting monuments at southern Morocco by its history and unique architecture. It’s placed into the Ksar Afanour, it was partially rebuilt in 2007 by the Afanour Association for Development and in 2014 its restoration is being completed with...

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Pottery of El Hart n’Iaamine, Todra.

Pottery of El Hart n’Iaamine

El Hart n’Iaamine, also named El Hart n’Imziouen or El Hart n’Harratine, is a large village located 15 km east of Tinghir, on the left bank of the Oued Todra. It is known by the craft of some of its inhabitants...

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The Kasbah of El Glaoui in Tinghir.

The Kasbah of El Glaoui in Tinghir

Perched on the hill Ighir n’Mehalt, near Ksar Tasga and not far from Ksar Tinghir or Tineghir, the Kasbah of El Glaoui monitors the city and the palm-grove of Todra and is a symbol of a quite recent...

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The Kasbah of Sheikh Bassou in Tinghir.

The Kasbah of Sheikh Bassou in Tinghir

The kasbah built in 1944 by Sheikh Bassou Ou Ali, leader of Aït Barra in Tineghir or Tinghir, is the only one in the Todra valley that has been restored thanks to a new tourist use...

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Trekking around Tinghir.

Trekking around Tinghir

Located between the chains of High Atlas and Jebel Saghro, Tinghir offers many opportunities for trekking: from simple walks of a half-day to crossings of a week or...

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Circuit Todra Gorges – Dadès Gorges

Circuit Todra Gorges – Dadès Gorges

This route is a classic one of 4WD in the area and, although an important part has been paved, remain almost 50 km of track. The scenery is beautiful and extraordinarily varied. It takes a minimum of 5 hours for the full circuit, including...

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The circuit from Todra gorge to Gheris Gorge.

The circuit Todra gorge – Gheris Gorge

Paved in 2005, the road connecting the Todra Gorge to the Gheris Gorge by the High Atlas offers visitors magnificent mountain scenery, interesting soil villages with its Kasbahs, several impressive canyons and contact with a nice population that...

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Charles de Foucauld in Tinghir in 1884.

Charles de Foucauld in Tinghir in 1884

Viscount Charles de Foucauld was the first traveler who described in detail the Todra Valley, where he arrived disguised as a Jew and where he stayed between 25 and 29 April 1884. Coming from the Dadès, he went first to...

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The name of Tinghir.

The name of Tinghir

Often transcribed to the Latin alphabet as Tinerhir, sometimes as Tineghir, Tinehir or also Tinergir, the name Tinghir is clearly Berber and seems composed by words...

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The Moussem of El Hart n’Igourramen.

The Moussem of El Hart n’Igourramen

A week after the Muslim celebration of Aid el Kebir takes place the annually Moussem of Sidi El Haj Amar in Ksar El Hart n’Igourramen. It is an event of multitude mainly characterized by...

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The Moussem of El Hart n’Igourramen.

Flying over the Todra valley in a balloon

Having flown over the Todra Valley in May 2022 with the Atlas Vallée Ballons organization, we can now tell you about this...

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