Tinghir and Todra valley.

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The Moussem of El Hart n’Igourramen

A week after the Muslim celebration of Aid el Kebir takes place the annually Moussem of Sidi El Haj Amar in Ksar El Hart n’Igourramen. It is an event of multitude mainly characterized by its commercial activity.

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Marabout in El Hart n’Igourramen, Todra.

Sidi El Haj Amar is a saint who lived in the twelfth century according to the oral tradition. He was the brother of the famous Sidi Said Ou Amar el Hansali who is at the origin of Zawiya Ahansal and he probably founded the village of El Hart n’Igourramen. His descendants are Quran teachers established in several villages of Todra valley as Haloul and Tinghir. His tomb is venerated in the middle of the old Ksar, of which today remain only some ruins after the 2006 floods. Next to this marabout takes place the most important Moussem in Todra valley.

Moussem of El Hart, Todra.

El Hart Moussem is mainly a big market in an esplanade in the middle of the palm-grove and extends itself even on the site of the former Ksar, almost completely destroyed by the floods. In this market we find all kinds of objects for sale and people flock there in multitude from all villages in the region during three or four days.

Moussem of El Hart, Todra.

Livestock is one of the most important products, specially the first day: cows, sheep, goats, donkeys and also a large number of camels.

Moussem of El Hart, Todra.

Camel meat is sold by several butchers who announce their product with a sign clearly visible but that should be changed often.

Moussem of El Hart, Todra.

Pottery of neighboring village El Hart n’Iaamine is also present, of course, as well as wool carpets, wooden furniture and iron tools, but today this traditional craft occupies no more a very significant place.

Moussem of El Hart, Todra.

By cons, decorative objects imported from the big cities and those from China became more attractive for the local population that frequents the Moussem.

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