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Website of Hotel Tomboctou

To stay in a Kasbah

Kasbahs converted into hotels

More than twenty establishments of the most varied categories allow today to stay inside Kasbahs and Ksour throughout the region. You will find below the full list, grouped by places in the same sense that runs the outlined route.

Map of southern Morocco.

In Aït Ben Haddou

A dwelling in the Ksar Aït Ben Haddou has been transformed into a guesthouse with the name El Hajja d'Aït Ben Haddou:


In Ouarzazate

Inside the Ksar Taourirt there are many guesthouses, as Dar Kamar:


In Talmesla are Dar Daif and Dar Bladi; the first one is build with soil and is very charming; the second one is placed into the Ksar:



Dar Daif, Ouarzazate
Dar Daïf
Dar Kamar, Ouarzazate
Dar Kamar terrace
Dar Bladi, Ouarzazate, Marruecos.
Dar Bladi

In Skoura

The Kasbah Ben Moro has been transformed into a very charming hotel.

Website: www.aitbenmoro.com

Hotel Kasbah Ait Ben Moro
Kasbah Ben Moro
Kasbah Ait Ben Moro
Room in Hotel Ben Moro

The Kasbah d'Hôtes Ayad offers a most simply housing.

Kasbah d'Hotes Ayad, Skoura.

Near Quelat Mgouna

The Kasbah Ait Moussa, located in the gardens 2 km far from Quelat Mgouna, offers 6 rooms with bathrooms.

Website: Kasbah Ait Moussa

Casbah Ait Moussa, sud du Maroc. Chambre de la Kasbah Ait Moussa, sud du Maroc.

Between Quelat Mgouna and Boumalne Dadès

The Kasbah Ait Kassi, next to Souk El Khemis, includes a dozen of rooms not luxury but nice, most of them with bathroom.

Website: Kasbah Ait Kassi

E-mail of the Kasbah Ait Kassi

Kasbah Ait Kassi Room in the Kasbah Ait Kassi

In Tinghir center

The Hotel Tomboctou occupies the old Kasbah of Sheikh Bassou Ou Ali, with fourteen comfortable and charming rooms.

Website: www.hoteltomboctou.com

e-mail of Hotel Tomboctou

Kasbah hotel Tomboctou in Tinghir
Facade of the Kasbah
Courtyard of the Kasbah hotel Tomboctou in Tinghir
Courtyard of the Kasbah
Room of the hotel Tomboctou in Tinghir
Family room in hotel Tomboctou in Tinghir
Family room

48 km from Tinghir

The Guesthouse El Khorbat is one of the most charming accommodations in southern Morocco and consists of several homes from the nineteenth century placed into the Ksar El Khorbat.



Restaurant of the Guesthouse El Khorbat
Restaurant and facade of the Ksar
Room in the Guesthouse El Khorbat
Room in the Guesthouse El Khorbat
Room in the Guesthouse El Khorbat

In Nkob

The Kasbah Baha Baha has some rooms well decorated.

Web : www.kasbahabaha.com

The Kasbah Imdoukal offers a higher comfort but the building has lost its original structure.

La Kasbah Baha Baha.
The Kasbah Baha Baha
Casbah Imdoukal.
The Kasbah Imdoukal

And a new hostel, La Perle du Saghro, opened in 2020.

La Perle du Saghro.
La Perle du Saghro.

In Oulad Atmane

One portion of the Kasbah Oulad Atmane, in the Drâa valley, has been converted into a beautiful guesthouse.

Website: www.kasbahdumaroc.com

Kasbah Oulad Atmane Kasbah Oulad Atmane

Near Zagora

Hotel Kasbah El Hiba in Tissergat.

Into the Ksar Tissergat, 8 km from Zagora, the Kasbah built in 1905 by the famous leader of the resistance El Hiba has been transformed into a restaurant and includes also some very simply rooms.

Hotel room in Tissergat

Another house of the same Ksar Tissergat offers also accommodation with character and more comfortable.

Website: www.kasbah-ziwana.com

Near Mhamid

The hostel named Kasbah Touareg, 6 km from Mhamid, has some rudimentary rooms around the ancient Zaouia Moulay Mbarek, built in the nineteenth century as a Kasbah. Phone 0524848678.

Kasbah Touareg, near Mhamid.

Dar Talhaya is a guesthouse into the Ksar Oulad Driss with five rooms simply but nice. Phone 0667966468.

Website: www.dartalhaya.com

Dar Talhaya Dar Talhaya

In Timidert

A dwelling of the Ksar Timidert has been restored as a guesthouse.

Website: www.kasbahtimidarte.com

Guesthouse in Ksar Timidert Guesthouse in Ksar Timidert

In Tamnougalt

Inside the Ksar Tamnougalt, the Kasbah of Kaid Ali has been converted into a magnificent restaurant and also has six rooms.

Website: www.chezyacob.com

Hotel Chez Yacob, Tamnougalt Hotel Chez Yacob, Tamnougalt

Guesthouse in Aslim, Agdz.

In Agdz

The new Kasbah of Kaid Ali in Aslim is inside the camping Palmeraie and has some rooms simply but well decorated, with outside bathroom.

Website: www.casbah-caidali.net

Guesthouse in Aslim, Agdz

The old Kasbah of Kaid Ali in Aslim, founded in the seventeenth century, has also a half dozen of very comfortable rooms.

Kasbah des Arts, phone 0668519552.

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