Tinghir and Todra valley.

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The Ksar Tinghir or "Jewish Quarter"

Due to its location between the plains and mountains, its size (300 homes) and its craft and shopping activity, the Ksar Tinghir was for centuries the most important of Todra valley. It was the only one with 6 doors and included a Jewish neighborhood of 70 families with which people confuse at times the whole Ksar.

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The Ksar Tinghir
The Ksar Tinghir

Old mosque of Aït El Haj Ali, Tinghir.
Old mosque of Aït El Haj Ali

Street in the Ksar Tinghir.
Street in the Ksar Tinghir

Ksar Tinerhir from outside.
Ksar Tinerhir from outside

Marabout Sidi Smain in Tinerhir.
Marabout of Sidi Smain

Window in Ksar Tinerhir.
Window in Ksar Tinghir

House in Ksar Tinghir.
House in Ksar Tinghir

The Ksar Tinghir in 1930

Lieutenant Beaurpère made in 1930 this description of the Ksar Tinghir:

«Tinghir, 300 homes; Issoukiin, Imazighen and Jews. Big Ksar with 6 entries, right bank, at the foot of the hill Ighir n’Mehalt.

It’s divided in 3 "adams": Harratin, Aït el Hajj Ali, Aït Barra.

A Mellah with 70 homes is in the center of the Ksar.

The Aït Barra are a small Ksar close Tinghir, immediately south. They are counted with it. Dignitaries: Ou Ali n’Ait Salem; Nasseur n’Ait Salem.

Important Zaouia Nassiria, founded by Sidi Smain.

Two domes inside: dome of Sidi Smain; dome of Sidi Meskour.

The old leader of the Zaouia, the Kadi Si El Mehdi En Nasiri, recognized and respected by all, has been imprisoned in Telouet in 1927 by Glaoua, who suspected him of hostile intrigues. Hi died in Telouet in 1929.

Current Mokadem Sidi Haoussa.

Dignitary: Sidi Ali.

Tinghir includes 3 mosques. That of Harratin quarter contains the dome of Sidi Ameur and has a minaret.

Other brotherhoods: Tijaniya: Si Ben Nasseur Ou Melrghad; Moha Haousa (from Ksar Jdid); Qadyriya: Mokadem Haddou n’Aït Lhassen Ou Ali. Maraboutic homes of Ait Bou Tekhsain from Ferkla;

Maraboutic homes of Ait Bou Hellal, coming from Tadraklout, Metaghra.

Jewish dignitaries: Maghlouf n’Ikhelouin; Ichaia.

Tinghir obtain its water from the canals and, in case of siege, from a lot of wells.

Industries: tailors, specialty of slippers, leather tanning.

Trade: big Monday market in the edge of the small Ksar Ait Barra; many stalls; the market’s proceeds leases are paid to the Khalifa of Glaoui.

Every Monday 120 to 200 sheep are sold, 30 to 40 cows, some donkeys and some mules.

Many Ait Ata and Ait Merghad used to come before events of 1927 and 1929».

Plan of the Ksar Tinghir

New houses in Ksar Tinghir.
New concrete buildings

The Ksar Tinghir today

Due to its location in the city center and the services it has (drains, drinking water and electricity), the Ksar Tinghir is one of the few that continue to be inhabited in Todra valley. Nevertheless, its ancient appearance changed completely. The walls that surrounded it yore disappeared and the last of its six monumental entrances was destroyed in 1996 by decision of the village council.

Mosque Ihartane, Ksar Tinghir.
New mosque Ihartane

Also, most of the houses located in the perimeter has been rebuilt in concrete, in a style that has no relationship with the traditional architecture of the fortress. Even one of its mosques, that of Ihartane, was rebuilt in concrete.

Ksar Tinghir, Todra.
Restoration of the Ksar Tinghir

However, since the end of 2013, the Ksar is subject to a restoration plan promoted by the Association Mqourn and funded between the State and the municipality, which will allow it to partially recover its original appearance.

The Women Street
The Women Street

Such activities, it has a busy shopping street, the "Women Street", with many shops of clothes, fabrics and gold or silver jewelry.

Leather tanning.
Leather tanning

In addition, there are several manufacturers of bellows and in the former Ksar tannery, sheepskins are still processed to be used as floor mats.

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