Tinghir and Todra valley.

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The circuit from Todra Gorge to Gheris Gorge

Paved in 2005, the road connecting the Todra Gorge to the Gheris Gorge by the High Atlas offers visitors magnificent mountain scenery, interesting soil villages with its Kasbahs, several impressive canyons and contact with a nice population that is not yet accustomed to mass tourism.

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Imiter gorges, High Atlas

Ait Hani region, High Atlas

Kasbah Aït Moha Assi, Assoul

Zaou´a Sidi Bou Yakoub, Assoul

Amsad gorges, Gheris river

Km 0 – From the center of Tinghir, we take the road to Errachidia, then the first detour to the left towards the Todra Gorge. We overlook the palm-grove, with beautiful views of the fields and Ksour.

Km 15 – We enter in the Todra Gorge. The canyon continues for 18 km, after which the valley opens and we see the marabout called Agourram n'Tamassint.

Km 37 – Tamtatoucht, beautiful village surrounded by green fields and gray mountains. There are a large number of hostels and seven soil Kasbahs dated in the begin of 20th century.

Km 53 – Aït Hani. We leave on left the road for Imilchil.

Km 54 – Douar with a Kasbah well restored.

Km 56 – Douar with some Kasbahs.

Km 58 – Tin Iderine, beautiful village surrounded by green fields.

Km 70 – We see some caves inhabited by nomadic herders.

Km 90 – Assoul. Wednesday market. After the market square, on the right, you can go down to walk on the apple orchards, from where we see the old village, the Kasbah of Ait Moha Assi and the Zaouia of Sidi Bou Yakoub with its earthen minaret.

Km 99 – Aït Sidi Meh. Behind the village stands up a cliff with a watchtower at the top.

Km 102 – Amougr. We see the old Ksar on the right.

Km 114 – Imiter, set of many villages in the gorge of the same name. The most interesting is Ifri, situated into a big cave.

Km 118 – Amellaghou. We take the 7101 road on right. Then we go into the Amsad gorges and we descend the Gheris valley surrounded by Ksour.

Km 149 – Tadighoust. A track on the right allows to reach the pottery of Mo in 3 km.

Km 167 – Goulmima. Taking the N-10 road on the right, remain 77 Km back to Tinghir.

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