Tinghir or Tinerhir

Located in the middle of the Todra oasis, one thousand three hundred meters above sea level, between mountain ranges of High Atlas and Jebel Saghro, Tinghir is a charming and quiet town, where the traveler can linger to watch closely the daily life of the Berber people. The main attractions in the city and around, following the order of proximity from Hotel Tomboctou, are:

The old Ksar

The old Ksar (fortified village) of Tinghir still retains much of its mud houses. It is commonly called the «Jewish quarter», although the Hebrews occupied only one street and a few alleys. They are restauring it by steps from 2013.

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The mosque and madrasah Ikelane

Inside the Ksar Afanour, which is almost all in ruins, the mosque and madrasah Ikelane was restored by the Association Afanour for Development and it is now open to visitors, including not muslim.

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The Kasbah of El Glaoui

On the top of a hill, in the center of Tinghir, the Kasbah of El Glaoui is in ruins, but it offers excellent views over the city and the oasis.

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The weekly market

If you stay in Tinghir on Monday, do not miss its weekly market, one of the largest and most colorful of the region, in which various branches of local craftsmen show their products.

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The gorges of Todra river

Only 15 km north of Tinghir, start the famous Todra gorges, which extend for nearly twenty Km to the beautiful village of Tamtatoucht.

The Ksar El Khorbat

At 48 km from Tinghir by the road of Erfoud, El Khorbat is a beautiful Ksar which was the object of a rehabilitation project funded by the College of Technical Architects of Barcelona and it is still largely inhabited.

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The Oasis Museum

Into Ksar El Khorbat, the Oasis Museum with its 22 halls offers travellers the opportunity to understand all aspets of traditional life in Presaharic valleys.

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