Facilities of Hotel Tomboctou

Hotel Tomboctou offers you sixteen rooms, a restaurant, a bar with Moroccan lounge, a swimming pool with children area, a large garden, a panoramic terrace, and a library. The WI-FI is available on all the hotel with four different nets.

    Hotel Tomboctou caring with the heritage

    Hotel Tomboctou collaborates with several associations of Todra valley. This allows our customers to visit the premises of these associations, where women make many craft work, such as embroidery, tailoring, knitting and even manufacture of couscous by traditional methods.

    0.7% of the hotel turnover of 2013 and 2014 was destined to the conservation of the mosque and madrasa Ikelane in collaboration with the Afanour Association for Development. This allowed the restoration of the portal and the facade of this madrasa.

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    2 km far from Tinerhir, the mosque and madrasa Ikelane is one of the most important monuments to visit in southern Morocco. It’s placed into the Ksar Afanour and from 2007 it’s open to visitors, also not muslims. The keeper provides very interesting information about the building and its history.

    We don’t know the foundation date of the Ikelane mosque & madrasa. It may be very old, because presence of Ait Todra tribe in this valley is documented from the 12th century, but its architectural style let us think that it has been probably rebuilt during the second half of 19th century, in the time when use of gypsum became usual in this region. The building had 4 different functions:

  • – Mosque of the quarter of Ikelane, one of the four clans that lived in the Ksar Afanour.
  • – School for village children.
  • – High School where were formed many Koran teachers of Southern Morocco.
  • – Hostel for students coming from other villages.
  • The whole were working as school till the 1970’ years and as mosque till 1998, being after abandoned. In 2005 the Afanour Association for Development asked to the municipality of Tinerhir and to its tourist sector the financial help to restore the monument. Only the Hotel Tomboctou brought the sum of 3000 DH, which they repaired just the praying hall roof.
    After, the big rains of December 2006 destroyed one wall and the half of the ablutions hall roof, wanting of maintenance. The Association found the money to rebuild the fallen part thanks to generosity of two groups of Catalan architects who visited the region in March 2007. They gave a total of 32 345 dirhams. But this amount was not sufficient to restore the facade, which was very degraded. The covered entrance was partially rebuilt in 2005, but it needed a more serious intervention. This last reconstruction started in April 2014 with a budget of 20 000 DH given by Hotel Tomboctou and the help of other persons and institutions.

    The bar / Moroccan lounge

    The bar, with high tables in one side and a Moroccan lounge in the other, equipped with TV, offers you a space for meetings and relaxation. You can drink tea, coffee, natural orange juice, lemonades, wine, beer and several aperitifs and digestives.

    The swimming pool

    The swimming pool, 8 m x 4.75 m and a depth between 1.20 m and 1.60 m, is located in the middle of the terrace, surrounded by trees and flowers. There is also a small pool 2 m x 2 m and 50 cm deep for children.

    The library

    The Roger Mimó’s library in Hotel Tomboctou contains more than a thousand volumes and it’s specialized in Morocco, Northern Africa and the Arab and Muslim world.

    Our collection

    The car park

    The underground car park, in front of the hotel door, is available for our clients free of charge, with capacity for 15 cars.


    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Self-service breakfast
    • Private car park free of charge
    • Restaurant in a Khaima
    • Bar near the swimming pool
    • Cloackroom (checkroom), free of charge
    • Library including over a thousand books
    • Info about excursions and places to visit
    • Panoramic terrace
    • Moroccan living room
    • African art exhibition
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Bookshop